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Search Engine RankingSearch engine ranking is not as straight forward as some would have you believe. Just being on Page 1 of Google for a search term is not enough. That search term has to be one that sufficient people are searching for that it is going to grow your business. A real SEO specialist will research the keywords for your industry and find those that people are actually searching for; they will then work with these to get you ranked on the search engines. They will also make sure that the search terms are relevant to your target audience.  Too many web developers and social media folk do not understand the search engines, let alone search engine ranking. More sadly many do not understand the psychology of communicating with the human mind.

Anyone can get on page 1 of Google but is it of value.  See how easy by finding out about Mega Charged Search Engine Ranking or The Cleverest Guru  in the UK or Britain.

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Octopus Computers Contact - 01572 724185“Having built my website for me, Gordon didn’’t just leave me to get on with it. He was very good at explaining to me just what I needed to do, with regard to adding site content and regular blogging etc, to ensure that I gained good web ranking for it. As important, if not more important, he took great care in telling me what not to do, to ensure that I didn’’t get on the wrong side of Mr Google! This has paid dividends as I am consistently getting a good increase in traffic to my website. I have to say also that Gordon is very patient when asking him to explain things that I don’’t understand, and I am more than happy to recommend his services.” Ian Warren – GoCruise with Ian –



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I chose Gordon to build my cruise website because of the feedback I had received from other satisfied site owners, and also because I liked the look and functionality of other websites he had built. He was very good at teasing out of me exactly what I wanted the website to offer, and he came up with a proposed layout for me. He then listened to my suggestions and either made the amendments I was asking for, or explained clearly why they couldn’t or indeed shouldn’t be done. I would have no hesitation in recommending Gordon.


— Ian Warren —

GoCruise with Ian

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