The cleverest guru in The UK or Britain

The cleverest guru in The UK or Britain - noArrowAccording to your search on Google you have come to the place where you can find The Cleverest Guru in the UK or Britain.

Him, The Cleverest Guru in the UK or Britain, you have got to be joking.

Well yes it is a bit tongue on cheek, but there is a serious side to this page.  I see so many clients who have had telephone calls or emails from people who guarantee “to get your website to the top of the search engines”.

So how can they do this, well they are either selling adverts on the sponsored links right hand side of the search engine page.  That is okay isn’t it? Only when you realise that YOU PAY FOR THOSE ADVERTS when someone clicks on them.  That is okay if that is part of your marketing strategy, but that first page placement is going to cost you.

The other problem is that they are The only people searching for The cleverest guru in the UK or Britain are me and anyone I have pointed to this page.  So it has no commercial value to my business. And besides that you know that I am not The Cleverest Guru in the UK or Britain.  But there are so called “Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) experts, consultants – call them what you will – who will try to con you that this a great service to your business.

Well if you and I are the only ones finding this page it is not so clever.  A real SEO specialist will research the keywords for your industry and find the ones that people search for; they will then work with these to get you ranked on the search engines – more site visitors means more business! You still need to consider conversion architecture to convert the maximum number of your site visitor to buy or engage with your site.

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I chose Gordon to build my cruise website because of the feedback I had received from other satisfied site owners, and also because I liked the look and functionality of other websites he had built. He was very good at teasing out of me exactly what I wanted the website to offer, and he came up with a proposed layout for me. He then listened to my suggestions and either made the amendments I was asking for, or explained clearly why they couldn’t or indeed shouldn’t be done. I would have no hesitation in recommending Gordon.


— Ian Warren —

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