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Broadcast using Mobile MarketingMany technology analysts are predicting that mobile devices are set to become the most popular way of accessing the Internet. Mobile marketing allows businesses to communicate, interact or engage with customers or potential customers by using mobile devices.

The tipping point where more than 50% of internet traffic will happen via Mobile devices is with us. BUT less than 10% of websites are optimised so they can be viewed by mobile devices. Because of their smaller screens and different operating systems, searchers using mobile 4G devices need different functionality so they may need to see a different version of your website.

Mobile search overtook desktop search in 2013. So if your web presence is not mobile friendly then people who are ready to do business will go to competitors instead of you. For mobile users search can be a painful experience, so do not make mobile users have to navigate your website on a tiny screen. If you do then they will go elsewhere.

As more and more businesses are developing mobile marketing strategies  your business could be left behind your competitors.  Now is the time to act, Google also rates websites by their mobile friendliness, or otherwise.

Mobile Marketing Strategy

The Internet Marketeer can help you decide if you need a Mobile Marketing Strategy. If you do, we can help you develop it and exploit apps, affiliate marketing, push messages and QR codes.

Research shows that those using search on mobile devices have a greater motivation to buy than those searching on a computer. The message is  —> MOBILE IS HERE TO STAY – SO EMBRACE IT BEFORE YOUR COMPETITORS BEAT YOU TO IT.

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Our Testimonials


I chose Gordon to build my cruise website because of the feedback I had received from other satisfied site owners, and also because I liked the look and functionality of other websites he had built. He was very good at teasing out of me exactly what I wanted the website to offer, and he came up with a proposed layout for me. He then listened to my suggestions and either made the amendments I was asking for, or explained clearly why they couldn’t or indeed shouldn’t be done. I would have no hesitation in recommending Gordon.


— Ian Warren —

GoCruise with Ian

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