Online Reputation Management – do you know what people are saying about you?

Online Reputation ManagementSo your potential or actual customer goes to Google and searches for your name what will they find?  Online Reputation Management is important to your business.

Do you what your customers, employees, past employees or competitors are saying about you? The Internet has made the customer king and it does not take long for bad news about you to be spread. Many people search online about companies before they buy or ask them to provide services.

In some industries there are some really negatives sites . Quite often it will outrank the solicitor’s own site  what can you do about it?

So what can you do if someone posts negative listings? We can help you either overcome negative postings or ensure that you maintain a positive online reputation.

We have done this for solicitors, hotels and pubs, along with other industries. We have done this by ensuring that there are about your business that is more authoritative positive listings. The aim is to push the negative ones down off page 1 by outranking them. ,

But how will you know that people are saying negative things about your company online. And if you do, do you know how you can monitor them and then take action to deal with malicious information.

The importance of brand reputation is well known. Positive brand reputation brings trust, confidence, and sales. Getting it right or wrong will ultimately reflect in revenue growth and profitability. A poor or bad reputation is likely to reduce consumer confidence, ultimately reduce revenue and profits.

Case Study.

One of our clients was commonly known by a set of initials, but when you typed those letters into Google not only did you get their website but they were outranked by a listing on an online dictionary.  This listing always appeared just above their website and described an illegal sex act, which was always commented upon by their customers.  It was severely damaging their Online Reputation Management.

We worked with them to remove the obscene listing from Page 1 of Google and eventually had the page removed from Google’s index..

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Our Testimonials


I chose Gordon to build my cruise website because of the feedback I had received from other satisfied site owners, and also because I liked the look and functionality of other websites he had built. He was very good at teasing out of me exactly what I wanted the website to offer, and he came up with a proposed layout for me. He then listened to my suggestions and either made the amendments I was asking for, or explained clearly why they couldn’t or indeed shouldn’t be done. I would have no hesitation in recommending Gordon.


— Ian Warren —

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