Social Media Seminar programme

Social Media SeminarWhen it comes to social media – do you say “yes” to any of these?

  • I know I could be using social media but want to know how
  • I am using social media but it does not seem to be working
  • I am using social media  but want  to move it to the next level
  • I am looking for ways to expand my leads and sales after the recession

If you have said yes to one or more of these, Call Us Today (on 01572 724185) and find out how our One Day Practical Social Media Seminar can help you.

Specimen Full Social Media Seminar programme for the day

Registration, tea & coffee

Session 1 -– Introductions

  • Who we are
  • Route map
  • What is social media?
  • How is social media being used
  • Customer engagement
  • New Leads
  • Sales & marketing
  • Dispelling myths
  • Do’s & don’’ts
  • Q&A

Session 2 Setting a foundation

  • Online branding
  • Claim your identity
  • Monitor your identity
  • Reputation management
  • Networking online
  • 3Ps – Patience, Personalisation, Participation
  • Q&A

Coffee break

Session 3– Social media– why for you?

  • Sales
  • Reputation building
  • Brand awareness
  • Being the expert
  • Q&A

Session 4 -– workshop part 1

  • Discuss and answer the questions:
    • Why do I want a social media strategy?”
    • “What do I hope to achieve by using Social Media in my business?”.


Session 4 -– workshop part 2

Session 5 – Conversion

  • How much to give away
  • When to start charging
  • Integrating with marketing plan

Session 6 -– How to use

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Q&A

Tea & coffee

Session 7 -– Workshop

  • Discuss which Social Media applications would be useful in your businesses and how you might use them

Session 8 -– Setting targets & measuring

  • What are you aiming to achieve?
  • How will you know when you’’ve achieved that?

Session 9 -– Wrap up

  • What are you going to do over the next month
  • Q&A

We can tailor courses for groups or individually

Ask for a quotation now -– call 01572 724185 or contact me by email

Course run and managed by: The Internet Marketeer



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I chose Gordon to build my cruise website because of the feedback I had received from other satisfied site owners, and also because I liked the look and functionality of other websites he had built. He was very good at teasing out of me exactly what I wanted the website to offer, and he came up with a proposed layout for me. He then listened to my suggestions and either made the amendments I was asking for, or explained clearly why they couldn’t or indeed shouldn’t be done. I would have no hesitation in recommending Gordon.


— Ian Warren —

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